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  • Your contributions help to support Veterans and their families.
  • No child should ever have to go hungry. With your help we can fight against child hunger.
  • Our mission is to help every deserving American obtain the help they truly need.


please-helpThe economy is still struggling and many Americans are still without jobs.  We have seen and we have read the stories of the American people who are in need of a job, food, clothing, medical, dental and decent shelter.   We want Help for the People of America to help someone if not everyone in America.

Help for the People of America is dedicated to helping low to no income families and individuals in America.  To ascertain legitimate claims all individuals seeking assistants will be required to provide documentation showing need for assistance; such as income statement, police report, bills, employer name and telephone number, numbers and address of doctor’s office, Phone Company, Electric Company, Dental Office and Water Company.

No one in America should be without food and should be able to receive dental treatment, medical care, home repairs. Seniors and low income families should not be forced to choose between repairs or a decent meal.  Battered women should be able to make one call to get away from an abusive home if they cannot go to a family member. Single moms and dads should be able to make one call for help to care for their child or children.